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The sun’s out, the pubs are open and sport is back. All you need now is a new telly to watch the action


After a year of being, to all intents and purposes, confined to our homes, we are finally able to emerge, blinking and pasty, into (fingers crossed) a sunlit few months when we can meet friends and families and return to whatever a ‘normal’ life is.

But it is going to take quite some time, one suspects, before we can get back to living without one eye on the news and one hand on the mask. Global sporting events are, thank goodness, back on the cards, and back on our screens. But attending them in person is still fraught with difficulti­es – and events such as the Olympics, the British Lions tour, the Euros, Wimbledon and more will have to be viewed from afar by most of us, rather than in person and in a crowd.

With the prospect, then, of an unpreceden­ted summer of sporting action, from football to the Ryder Cup golf, via tennis, rugby, athletics and much much more, there is no better time to prepare your living room for the drama to come with a new television to do it all justice.

Over the next dozen or so pages, we present our pick of the best TVS you can buy right now. Some are the latest 2021 models, fresh in the shops. But not all the big brands have brought out their latest models just yet – which is actually no bad thing for the consumer. There are some remarkable bargains to be had with some simply stunning sets from 2020 ranges up for grabs at hundreds of pounds less than the original asking price.

We kick things off with a new bargain belter of a 50in set from Hisense, then go through some TVS from the more establishe­d big hitters – LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung and Sony – in big-screen sizes from 48-65 inches. If those prove to be just too much real estate for you, we finish off with our favourite ‘smaller-screen’ set.

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