What Hi-Fi (UK)

Positionin­g your speakers


It’s no good spending hundreds of pounds on your new speakers if you then don’t allow them to perform properly. Take care with positionin­g to get them to sing.

Wall or in the open?

Where’s the best place to position a speaker? Some speakers might sound better against a wall, while others prefer to be out in the open. Whatever your specific requiremen­ts, your speaker choice should primarily take into account how much space you have to house them.

Use a stand

Speaker stands keep the speaker cabinet rigid. This allows for more of the drivers’ movement to be translated into sound and not wasted through vibrations. If your stands are on a carpet, make sure you have spikes to ensure stability.

Tweeter height

The higher-frequency sounds from a tweeter are more directiona­l, and having them at ear level ensures optimum performanc­e. So try to choose stands that will have your speaker at the right height for your seating position.

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