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Who would have thought, a quarter of a century ago, that that most venerable of music-reproducti­on systems, the vinyl disc, would be going strong well into the 21st Century? And fighting above its weight, what’s more; not against that ‘new upstart’ the compact disc, but entirely unimaginab­le (at the time) digital music streams – in better-than-cd quality, no less.

And yet the annals of the analogue are being updated still – here we are with our vinyl-special issue for 2021. In this issue, then, we bring you our favourite turntables (p30) at a variety of budgets, should you wish either to find out what all the passion is about, or to upgrade your deck.

Your new turntable won’t be any use to you, however, if you don’t have a phono stage to boost the tiny signal the cartridge sends out. So, to ensure your records can be heard, we also have round-ups of amplifiers with phono stages (p50) and some standalone phono stages (p58). Find out why so many are convinced that analogue is where it’s at – and enjoy your music.

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