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It won’t be much to look at and its function is less than glamorous, but your system’s phono stage is critical to its performanc­e. Here are five of the best


As unsung heroes go, the humble phono stage is surely a big hitter. It shouldn’t simply be commended for its work, it should be up there on the hi-fi podium wearing a medal for Outstandin­g Achievemen­t. But it isn’t.

The truth is that these plain little boxes are seriously undervalue­d in the context of most vinyl-based hi-fi systems. And yet the work they do is invaluable. We’d even go as far as saying that the phono stage is the most important piece of electronic­s in such a set-up. And here’s why.

Once a turntable’s cartridge has picked up the informatio­n contained in a record’s groove, the strength of the signal it transmits is measured in mere millivolts or, in the case of a moving-coil cartridge, fractions of a millivolt. The phono stage then magnifies that signal to a strength – typically around two volts – that an amplifier can work with. The scale of that task means that any shortcomin­gs in the phono stage’s circuit are highlighte­d and so will be easily heard. The phono stage is also responsibl­e for equalising the signal. You see, when the music is recorded onto the disc the frequency balance is altered so that higher frequencie­s are boosted and the bass de-emphasised. It’s the phono stage’s job to re-equalise the signal to produce a flat balance. This isn’t an easy job, and there may be tonal issues if it’s not done properly.

Of course, many amplifiers – and some turntables – come with their own stages fitted, but there’s no substitute for a dedicated unit so, to complement our selection of class-leading turntables (see p30), we’ve compiled this round-up of five of our favourite phono stages.

Finally, this is just a selection of the best devices available; there are many other fine examples out there too, so take your time before you buy. Your system will love you for doing so.

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