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An ac­ci­dent causes a dis­as­trous flood at the Wheal Grace tin mine, lead­ing to hero­ics from Ross, Drake and Dwight. There’s heart­break­ing news for new par­ents Caro­line and Dwight, as he re­veals their baby, Sarah, has a se­ri­ous heart de­fect and can’t be ex­pected to live long. Mean­while, vicar Ossie vis­its Rowella, and is de­ter­mined to have his wife Mor­wenna com­mit­ted to an asy­lum…

Life couldn’t get more mis­er­able for Mor­wenna. She’s trapped in a love­less mar­riage to vicar Ossie, forced to deal with her mother-in-law Lady Whit­worth and haunted by lost love Drake Carne.

This week things get worse when Ossie tries to have Mor­wenna com­mit­ted to a men­tal asy­lum for re­fus­ing to sleep with him!

‘Mor­wenna is on edge and deeply un­happy, but there’s a power play be­tween her and Ossie this se­ries,’ says El­lise Chap­pell, who plays her.

‘She has a threat against her son which al­lows her to be bolder. It’s an aw­ful thing to do, but it gives her a small sense of se­cu­rity and con­trol over her own sit­u­a­tion.’

Af­ter Mor­wenna re­fuses him what he calls his ‘con­ju­gal rights’, Ossie gets back with her sis­ter, Rowella. But his af­fair could ruin his rep­u­ta­tion, so he de­vises a plan to con­vince his physi­cian, Dr Choake, that Mor­wenna is in­sane.

Test­ing time

Claim­ing she’s delu­sional, he urges Dr Choake to com­mit Mor­wenna to a men­tal in­sti­tu­tion. For­tu­nately Dr Choake seeks a sec­ond opin­ion – from Dwight! Can Dwight save Mor­wenna from a life in an asy­lum?

‘Mor­wenna is bro­ken. She suf­fers a lot, and her strength and re­silience are tested,’ says El­lise. ‘She ends up in a har­row­ing, dif­fi­cult place.’


The vicar plans to have his wife locked away

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