Agony for rox­anna!

Her med­dling into Pro­fes­sor Gaskell’s trial has tragic con­se­quences, as Hermione Gul­li­ford re­veals…

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Q How did neu­ro­sur­geon Rox­anna MacMil­lan go from want­ing to be part of Pro­fes­sor John Gaskell’s pi­o­neer­ing stem cell trial, to step­ping down from it, then ‘in­ves­ti­gat­ing’ her friend? A Rox­anna al­ways wanted to be part of Gaskell’s trial be­cause she ad­mires the rad­i­cal way he’s try­ing to change mod­ern medicine. But she now fears his am­bi­tion to find a cure for de­gen­er­a­tive dis­eases is at the ex­pense of the pa­tients in­volved. I don’t think Rox­anna be­lieves Gaskell’s do­ing any­thing pur­pose­fully ma­nip­u­la­tive, it’s just that he’s be­come all-con­sumed by this trial and she needs to find out the truth about what’s go­ing on.

Q Rox­anna gains ac­cess to Gaskell’s lab in a bid to hunt for some in­for­ma­tion on him. What does she find there? A Rox­anna dis­cov­ers Gaskell hasn’t got rid of pa­tient Julie Bloom’s em­bry­onic stem cells, like he said he would, as ‘eth­i­cally’ they couldn’t be used. There’s def­i­nitely a chance Rox­anna might get caught in the lab. In fact, it turns out Gaskell’s on his way down, so Rox­anna has to make a quick get­away. Then, back on the ward, Rox­anna makes a huge dis­cov­ery about Laszlo Furz, the man Gaskell cured of mo­tor

neu­rone dis­ease…

Q Hav­ing made th­ese discoveries, does Rox­anna con­front Gaskell with what she knows? A Yes! Rox­anna and Gaskell are old friends, so she doesn’t want to blow the whis­tle on him – she hopes they can work things out to­gether. So Rox­anna meets Gaskell in Al­bie’s bar, where she’s cer­tain she’ll be able to have a rea­son­able con­ver­sa­tion with him and that he’ll listen to her when she re­veals her find­ings and urges him to stop the trial. Rox­anna soon re­alises, how­ever, that she’s not go­ing to get through to Gaskell – that’s when she tells him she’s go­ing to talk to his boss Hen­rik Hanssen.

Q We can’t imag­ine Gaskell likes that!

What hap­pens then? A Gaskell chases after Rox­anna and, as they ar­gue, he threat­ens her. Out­side, their ar­gu­ment gets very phys­i­cal and I think, for the first time ever, Rox­anna’s gen­uinely scared of him. She hasn’t seen this dark side of Gaskell be­fore and she does every­thing she can to get away from him. But no one could have pre­dicted what hap­pens next…

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Con­fronta­tion…Gaskell and Rox­anna ar­gue

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