Killing Eve

Doc­tor Foster star Jodie Comer plays a ruth­less as­sas­sin in a new spy thriller…

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This eight-part thriller fol­lows an in­tel­li­gence of­fi­cer hunt­ing for a charm­ing, cold-blooded as­sas­sin. Grey’s Anatomy star San­dra Oh plays MI5 of­fi­cer Eve who is sent on an es­pi­onage mis­sion to track down fear­some Rus­sian as­sas­sin Vil­lanelle, played by

Doc­tor Foster star Jodie Comer. It soon turns into a dan­ger­ous cat-and­mouse game. Other stars in­clude Fiona Shaw, David Haig, Dar­ren

Boyd and Sean Delaney.

Jodie Comer be­came a house­hold name as ‘other woman’ Kate Parks in BBC1’s ac­claimed drama Doc­tor Foster. But her new role couldn’t be more dif­fer­ent, as she plays a fear­some Rus­sian as­sas­sin in the eight-part spy thriller Killing Eve.


The drama, which has many darkly funny mo­ments, is cen­tred on MI5 of­fi­cer Eve Po­las­tri (played by Grey’s Anatomy ac­tress San­dra Oh), who finds her­self on the trail of a ruth­less killer code-named Vil­lanelle, de­picted by Jodie.

‘Play­ing an as­sas­sin was such fun,’ says Jodie. ‘Vil­lanelle is a free spirit. She does what she wants and there are not many con­se­quences for her – and if there were, she wouldn’t care any­way. I found my­self do­ing lots of outrageous things and get­ting away with it. I can be quite a self­con­scious per­son, but Vil­lanelle sim­ply doesn’t have an ounce of that!’

As the series be­gins,

Eve is bored in her desk job at MI5, when news comes of a string of high­pro­file mur­ders across Europe.

After learn­ing from the lat­est vic­tim’s girl­friend that the killer is a woman, Eve is hell-bent on catch­ing Vil­lanelle, and what starts to play out is a dan­ger­ous kill-or-be-killed cat-and-mouse game be­tween the two women.

‘Vil­lanelle and Eve be­come ob­sessed and there’s an in­fat­u­a­tion, a cu­rios­ity and a re­spect there,’ says Jodie. ‘There’s some­thing that one of them has that the other is miss­ing, and vice versa.

Just what that is, they’re des­per­ately try­ing to fig­ure out.’

State­side suc­cess

The drama, which also stars Fiona Shaw, has been a huge hit in the US, not least due to its strong fe­male pres­ence.

‘The char­ac­ters don’t apol­o­gise for any­thing,’ says Jodie. ‘I’ve been very lucky in that my past four jobs have all been writ­ten by women or the women have been the lead pro­tag­o­nists. I’m proud I’ve had that ex­pe­ri­ence.’

After episode one has aired on BBC1, all eight episodes of Killing Eve will be avail­able as a box set on BBC iPlayer

Chase… Can as­sas­sin Vil­lanelle evade cap­ture?Inset: MI5 agent Eve

What’s on I spy… Harry Pot­ter ac­tress Fiona Shawplays Eve’s boss Cat and mouse…Ad­ver­saries Eve (inset) and Vil­lanelle

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