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Break­fast pre­sen­ter Dan Walker hosts this new game show in which play­ers are given a case con­tain­ing a se­cret amount of cash and must de­duce what’s in their op­po­nents’ cases as they go head-to-head in a series of chal­lenges.

Q Can you ex­plain your new quiz show Chase the Case?

A It’s a clas­sic day­time quiz show com­bin­ing a bit of strat­egy. There are five cases – one has £5,000 in it and one’s got noth­ing. Five con­tes­tants try to de­ci­pher what’s in their own case and the amount in ev­ery­one else’s case, then de­cide at what stage to try to grab the case they think the jack­pot’s in, so they can go home with as much money as pos­si­ble.

Q How do they work out what’s in the cases?

A If the con­tes­tants an­swer ques­tions cor­rectly, they get to visit a sound­proof vault and open one of the cases. That’s the bit I love. Ev­ery­one’s watch­ing the con­tes­tant in the vault and how they re­act when cases are opened. So if the case has the £5,000 jack­pot in it, the con­tes­tant in the vault has to try to stop re­veal­ing that to the four people out­side watch­ing them like a hawk!

Q What’s the best tac­tic for play­ing the game?

A With most quiz shows, if you know your gen­eral knowl­edge and thrive un­der pres­sure, you’ll be fine. But it doesn’t work like that in Chase the Case. If you have enough info, you’re bet­ter off play­ing dumb and not get­ting in the vault any more. But then you have to think, ‘Do I want to get in there to stop the oth­ers get­ting in­for­ma­tion?’ Some play­ers have re­ally elab­o­rate plans, some have nerve, but most just panic. Some people couldn’t re­mem­ber what they had done in a pre­vi­ous round be­cause you’re con­stantly think­ing about what to do next, plus an­swer­ing ques­tions.

Q What are your favourite parts of the show?

A The vault’s spe­cial. It’s an op­por­tu­nity for people to let their guard down and say ridicu­lous things be­cause they know they’re not be­ing lis­tened to. One lady told me that she dresses up as Won­der Woman each week­end. People tell you their dark­est se­crets! I also love the woman who brings in the cases. She has the best dis­mis­sive face. She never speaks but is so funny.

Q How tense does Chase the Case get?

A The end game, when they chase the case, is in­tense. If you have a case with £5,000 and you’re two an­swers away from go­ing home with that jack­pot, the pres­sure gets to you.

Ques­tion master… Dan holds all the an­swers

Taskmas­ter…Dan (right) quizzes the con­tes­tantsTac­tics… Dan says strat­egy is key to win­ning

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