A sen­sa­tional story could make or break The Her­ald edi­tor Amina...

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With fall­ing sales and more people get­ting their news on­line, broad­sheet The Her­ald is go­ing through tough times, and the edi­tor and staff are un­der huge pres­sure.

This week, when deputy news edi­tor Holly (Char­lotte Ri­ley) dis­cov­ers a bil­lion­aire is hav­ing sex­ual re­la­tion­ships with young women on his ap­pren­tice­ship scheme, her edi­tor Amina (Priyanga Bur­ford) sees a chance to boost sales with a front-page scoop.

But given the in­flu­ence of the bil­lion­aire in ques­tion, it’s a high-risk plan.


‘Amina be­lieves in good jour­nal­ism,’ says Priyanga. ‘Principles are im­por­tant to her, and she tries to run her pa­per that way. But her in­dus­try’s in cri­sis as people just aren’t buy­ing


As well as her work wor­ries, re­cently di­vorced Amina has been dip­ping her toe back in the dat­ing scene – but an un­ex­pected twist turns ev­ery­thing on its head.

Like the rest of the cast, Priyanga vis­ited The Mir­ror and The Guardian’s of­fices for re­search, and she says she put her pre­con­cep­tions about jour­nal­ists aside.

‘I tried not to buy into that Spit­ting Im­age car­i­ca­ture of jour­nal­ists,’ she says. ‘We met this nice group with a gen­uine un­der­stand­ing of, and af­fec­tion for, read­ers.’

Cover story... Edi­tor Amina sees an op­por­tu­nity

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