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Princess Mar­garet’s af­fair with a younger man shocked the world…

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When Princess Mar­garet and Antony Arm­strong-Jones got mar­ried in 1960, the cou­ple em­braced a he­do­nis­tic life­style, par­ty­ing with rock stars and celebri­ties.

To the out­side world, their mar­riage seemed ex­cit­ing. But although they had two chil­dren, David and Sarah, cracks be­gan to show after just a few years, as the fi­nal episode of this twopart doc­u­men­tary reveals.

As Antony be­gan to with­draw from royal du­ties, the pair led in­creas­ingly sep­a­rate lives, with Mar­garet re­treat­ing to Mus­tique in the Caribbean ev­ery Win­ter.

But worse was to come when Lady Anne Glen­con­ner and her hus­band, Colin, in­tro­duced Mar­garet to land­scape gar­dener Roddy Llewellyn, who was 17 years her ju­nior.

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‘I re­mem­ber Colin was driv­ing, and Mar­garet and Roddy were sit­ting in the back,’ re­calls Lady Glen­con­ner. ‘They were more or less hold­ing hands. I thought, “Heav­ens, what have we done?’’’

Press in­ter­est in Mar­garet’s Caribbean life­style and par­ties with rock stars in­ten­si­fied, with many mem­bers of the pub­lic be­liev­ing her be­hav­iour painted the Royal Fam­ily in a bad light.

Then, in 1976, news­pa­pers pub­lished a pic­ture of Mar­garet and Roddy to­gether, forc­ing her to ac­knowl­edge her mar­riage was over. She was di­vorced two years later and died in 2002.

But Lady Glen­con­ner in­sists that the Queen was glad her sis­ter had met Roddy.

‘I felt rather guilty hav­ing in­tro­duced them,’ she says. ‘But after Mar­garet’s funeral, the Queen said, “It was dif­fi­cult at mo­ments, but I thank you so much for in­tro­duc­ing Princess Mar­garet to Roddy be­cause he made her re­ally happy.”’

Rebel… Mar­garet was famed for her par­ties in Mus­tique Lovers… The Princessand Roddy in 1978

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