Help! We need some sleep

In­som­niac Ea­monn Holmes and his snorer wife Ruth Langs­ford are on a kip­ping mis­sion…

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Like two-thirds of the pop­u­la­tion, Ea­monn Holmes and his wife Ruth Langs­ford have sleep prob­lems. While Ruth snores, Ea­monn reck­ons he hasn’t had a good night’s kip in decades.

Wor­ry­ingly, there’s also ev­i­dence that sug­gests how sleep de­pri­va­tion can in­crease the risk of heart dis­ease, di­a­betes and even de­men­tia.

‘On av­er­age, I’ll only get around three hours of con­tin­u­ous sleep a night and I of­ten wake up feel­ing very tired,’ says Ea­monn. ‘I can’t re­mem­ber the last time that I had a re­lax­ing, restora­tive sleep.’

Ruth adds, ‘I worry about the strain that the lack of sleep is putting on our mar­riage, not to men­tion our health.’

In their new two-part series, the cou­ple try to find cures for their sleep­ing dis­or­ders. Af­ter test­ing out a lux­u­ri­ous bed that costs a whop­ping £42,000, they head to a sleep clinic in Lon­don’s Har­ley Street, where a sleep prac­ti­tioner sug­gests Ruth should try to im­prove her pos­ture and cut down on drink­ing wine.

Find­ing a cure

The pair also meet chronic in­som­niac Sam Hunter and Bri­tain’s loud­est snorer, Jenny Chap­man, whose night-time rum­bles are as loud as a low fly­ing jet.

Af­ter test­ing a num­ber of com­mon gad­gets and anti-snor­ing de­vices,

Ruth slowly stops snor­ing and the qual­ity of her sleep im­proves, but will Ea­monn ever get more than three hours of kip a night?

‘My mind buzzes, I dream, I think of things and dis­turbed sleep has just be­come a way of life for me now,’ he says. ‘I’ve still got a lot to learn, but any im­prove­ment would be wel­come.’

Si­lent night..? Ea­monn lis­tens in as Ruth tests an anti-snor­ing de­vice

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