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ACCOUNTS ad­min­is­tra­tor Pe­tra Daw­son strug­gled to lose weight for years. Af­ter hav­ing two chil­dren she never re­gained her fig­ure. Af­ter try­ing all kinds of di­ets she has fi­nally found a so­lu­tion that works for her. The an­swer lies with detox­ing whilst sleep­ing! Sally Jen­nings re­ports.

Hav­ing writ­ten about all sorts of pills, shakes and di­ets, I was in­trigued to hear about a weight loss method of a very dif­fer­ent kind. Pe­tra Daw­son has been at least a cou­ple of stones over­weight since her late thir­ties. But as her two chil­dren grew up and flew the nest she found her­self lead­ing a much more seden­tary life. She ex­plains “I work full time, in a busy of­fice and when I get home, I feel too tired to do any ex­er­cise and de­spite my best ef­forts we of­ten eat con­ve­nience food, rather than cook­ing from scratch, and at the week­end my hus­band and I love noth­ing more than re­lax­ing at home with a take-way and a bot­tle of wine. I do try to go for the health­ier op­tions, but in the win­ter it gets harder.”

Over the years her weight grad­u­ally piled on. Her clothes be­came tighter and she be­came more and more self con­scious of her fig­ure, to the point where she didn’t want to go out. Added to that her doc­tor was wor­ried about her ris­ing blood pres­sure and choles­terol lev­els. Like any of you read­ing this, Pe­tra had ‘tried’ all the di­ets and the new crazes but al­ways failed af­ter los­ing the odd pound here and there.


“I knew I was in a real rut” Pe­tra told me in the café at her lo­cal sports cen­tre. “I was just in this never end­ing vi­cious cy­cle of eat­ing all the wrong foods… it was too easy and that’s why they call them ‘com­fort foods’. My mum al­ways car­ried too much weight and she was only 66 when she died of a heart at­tack. Trag­i­cally my two kids missed out on hav­ing a grand­mother around. It should have been a wake up call for me but in­stead I found my­self com­fort eat­ing. My best in­ten­tions to be health­ier went out of the win­dow.”

Pe­tra has gen­uinely seen some dark times which have re­sulted in her fur­ther weight gain and health prob­lems. “When I was younger, I was the life and soul of the party but af­ter the chil­dren, I slipped into a re­ally bad rou­tine, and even­tu­ally I just didn’t want to leave the house apart from go­ing to work or shop­ping. I knew some­thing had to change.”


Thank­fully things have re­ally changed, just over a month ago, Pe­tra read a magazine ar­ti­cle about the ‘in­cred­i­ble health and weight loss ben­e­fits’ of Detox Foot Patches.

She loved the idea that you could detox your body at night while sleep­ing, which could help with healthy weight loss and also re-en­er­gise the mind and body. Pe­tra’s hus­band Dean had used nico­tine patches to give up smok­ing af­ter be­ing a 40-a-day man so the idea of patches work­ing for other health is­sues seemed to make com­plete sense.


Dean’s nutri­tion­ist brother-in-law told her that the nat­u­ral in­gre­di­ents in a Detox Foot Patch (Tour­ma­line, Bam­boo Vine­gar, Wood Vine­gar and Chitin) are com­pletely safe and used suc­cess­fully in many cul­tures. In terms of weight loss, the di­ges­tive and whole meta­bolic sys­tem be­gins to fire on all cylin­ders… and the re­sult is healthy weight loss and a pow­er­ful boost to en­ergy lev­els! They help to cleanse and detox the body which re­vi­tal­izes the im­mune sys­tem, boosts cir­cu­la­tion and pro­vides anti-ox­i­dants to fight dis­ease – surely a win-win si­t­u­a­tion!

I asked how they work. “So you wear these patches at night” Pe­tra ex­plains. “You don’t even have to move! Just pop them on and that’s it. Then in the morn­ing take them off and you’ll see all the rub­bish that has passed through your sys­tem… the darker the patches the bet­ter – just like a thor­ough spring clean of body and mind. The first time I used them I couldn’t be­lieve how much rub­bish had come out of my body.”


Af­ter us­ing the patches for a few days she felt a spring in her step, her clothes felt a bit looser and her skin glowed more. Af­ter us­ing them for a week she weighed her­self “I couldn’t be­lieve it, I’d lost 5lbs and to think all whilst I was asleep!” Her en­ergy lev­els rock­eted and now in­stead of hav­ing take­aways in front of the TV, she and Dean cook healthy meals to­gether and af­ter­wards take their age­ing neigh­bour’s dog for a half hour walk… and this is the health­i­est and the clos­est they’ve felt in years.

“Friends started to com­ment on my weight loss and asked how I’d done it. I know that not ev­ery­one be­lieves that patches could work, but they worked for me, and that’s all that mat­ters. They have been worth ev­ery penny. I’ve got my con­fi­dence back and even started pi­lates classes.”

In­cred­i­bly and in just over a month Pe­tra had lost 1st 10lbs – she feels great in her clothes but more im­por­tantly she feels great in her­self! Detox Foot Patches are avail­able direct from Health Broad­cast Ltd. To or­der call 0808 208

9190. They’re nor­mally £30.00, but you can or­der to­day for just £19.95 and if you or­der 3 boxes you’ll get a 4th box FREE Plus FREE copy of “Detox while you sleep!”

“My clothes are so much looser and I have so much more en­ergy, thanks to Detox Foot Patches” Pe­tra Daw­son says she has never felt so good.

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