Hay­ley’s shock sui­cide bid as Jean in­sists on the truth…

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With her baby due soon, Hay­ley Slater’s got a lot on her mind. Hav­ing watched Stacey take care of her brood, she knows be­ing a par­ent is hard work.

But the thing that’s wor­ry­ing Hay­ley the most is her burn­ing se­cret: the fact that her baby’s father is Kat’s es­tranged hus­band Al­fie Moon.

As the pres­sure con­tin­ues to build this week, it be­comes too much for Hay­ley. She snaps and con­sid­ers end­ing it all as a way out.

Des­per­ate times

Her pan­icked sui­cide bid comes af­ter she’s con­fronted with an avalanche of queries about the birth, yet more ques­tions about the baby’s dad – and a long list of jobs to get done be­fore labour kicks in. Hay­ley just can’t cope.

Though Jean does her best to soothe her, it’s Mariam who has the best suc­cess with Hay­ley – un­til, that is, she brings up foetal al­co­hol syn­drome.

Back at the Slaters’ and in floods, guilt-rid­den Hay­ley con­fides her shame about drink­ing in Jean whose ten­der­ness turns to sus­pi­cion when Hay­ley men­tions booz­ing in Spain. Not will­ing to be quizzed again, Hay­ley storms out leav­ing Jean at home try­ing to join the dots.

Later, as an­other hang­over kicks in, Hay­ley has steely Jean on her case. Jean wants the truth about the baby’s dad and puts for­ward her the­ory…

In bits, Hay­ley races off and af­ter a clumsy con­ver­sa­tion with Keanu she van­ishes. Jean and Kat find her at her old flat on the edge of the rooftop…

Will Hay­ley jump?

Wor­ried… Kat and Jean learn Hay­ley has van­ished

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