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With a 28-year age gap, life has been tricky for mar­ried cou­ple Beth and Andy…

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Of­ten mis­taken for fa­ther and daugh­ter, 19-year-old Beth and 47-year-old Andy are ac­tu­ally hus­band and wife. The pair, who cou­pled up three years ago, had known each other a long time as Andy was a friend of Beth’s mum.

‘We were all like one happy fam­ily,’ says Andy, ‘At the time I never re­alised Beth was hav­ing these thoughts about me.’

Blos­som­ing ro­mance

But when she turned 16, Beth said she was se­ri­ous about start­ing a re­la­tion­ship with Andy. He was de­lighted, de­spite know­ing there would be a back­lash from peo­ple over their 28-year age gap.

‘I was con­cerned about what peo­ple would think,’ says Andy, who now lives in Lan­cashire with Beth and their two young chil­dren, Timmy and Con­way.

As ex­pected, the re­la­tion­ship caused a huge rift with friends and fam­ily, and when Beth was 18 and the cou­ple got mar­ried, there were few peo­ple at their wed­ding in North Wales.

Since get­ting to­gether, the pair have found them­selves shunned, suf­fered abuse on the street, had their prop­erty da­m­aged and vile ob­scen­i­ties scrawled on their ve­hi­cle.

‘Peo­ple have made me feel like I’m some kind of an­i­mal,’ says Andy, while Beth says she can’t go out­side with­out get­ting filthy looks.

The pair are just one of five cou­ples fea­tured in the

doc­u­men­tary, which also in­cludes Amer­i­can love­birds Hat­tie, 82 and John, 39, who met in New York; plus Steve, 44, and wife Marion, 64; and gay cou­ple Lawrence, 61, and his 26-year-old fi­ancé, Sam.

‘I just want to be treated like a nor­mal cou­ple,’ ex­plains Beth. ‘The age gap doesn’t bother me. I don’t see Andy as an old man or my dad or any­thing like that – he’s just like a big teddy bear.’

It cer­tainly hasn’t been an easy ride. ‘We’ve paid a high price for this re­la­tion­ship,’ Andy says. ‘We put on a brave face, but it kills me in­side.’

Mis­un­der­stood… Beth and Andy knew each other for years be­fore get­ting to­gether

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