How far will she go to get a con­fes­sion?

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With Linda hav­ing told Shirley that she’s us­ing Stu­art to try to get

Mick out of jail, it’s time for her to close the deal.

The land­lady has spent weeks shun­ning her fam­ily and closing the door on her mar­riage to lure Stu­art into a false sense of se­cu­rity and, ul­ti­mately, to con­fess that he framed Mick for the shoot­ing.

Now it’s the mo­ment of truth – but can Linda hold her nerve?

Risky plan

In The Vic, Linda’s winded when Stu­art dons Mick’s Santa out­fit for the pub’s grotto, and strug­gles to hide her tur­moil.

There’s no time for emo­tion, how­ever, as Shirley, Mick’s frus­trated mum, re­minds her.

‘Shirley tells Linda she has to do some­thing im­me­di­ately or she’s do­ing it her way,’ says Kel­lie Bright, who plays Linda.

Later, dur­ing a quiet mo­ment with Stu­art,

Linda forces her­self to kiss him – and then runs out of the room.

‘She’s dis­gusted with what she’s done but she’s also so an­noyed with her­self for not be­ing able to just do it. Linda’s put a lot of work in. She can’t let it all go now,’ adds Kel­lie.

The next day, Stu­art’s got is­sues, too. Linda pan­ics when he re­veals he has too much re­spect for Mick to be­tray him!

Wor­ried, Linda goes into over­drive to reel Stu­art in. Af­ter con­vinc­ing him to stick around af­ter hours, she puts the wheels in mo­tion…

‘Linda has to get as close to Stu­art as she can if she’s got any hope of get­ting any­thing out of him,’ ex­plains Kel­lie.

Just how far will Linda go – and will her plan work?

Mo­ment of truth… Nick’s left reel­ing by Leanne’s shockan­nounce­ment Tues­day MuSt-See epiSode!Temptress… Will Linda be able to getStu­art to ad­mit he framed Mick (in­set)?

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