Silent Wit­ness

Sam looks set to lose more than money when she gam­bles with best friend Jess’ cash…

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Look out for Colin Salmon as Noah Tay­lor, a head teacher struggling with the death of a pupil in a meth-lab ex­plo­sion. Sa­man­tha Wo­mack also joins the cast as DI Kate Ash­ton, who col­lab­o­rates with the team…

Clean­ing col­leagues Sam and Jess be­lieved they were onto a win­ner when they delved into the murky world of ‘in­sider trad­ing’ in last week’s opener of Clean­ing Up. But now it looks like Sam’s risk-tak­ing could ruin their friend­ship.

Jess has her heart set on start­ing up a mo­bile cater­ing busi­ness and, with the dodgy mon­ey­mak­ing plan work­ing, Sam


Smith) tries to con­vince her best pal that for­tune favours the brave and they should keep buy­ing shares. But

Jess is un­sure…

‘Jess is prag­matic and re­luc­tantly agreed to get in­volved with Sam’s scheme,’ says Jade Anouka, who plays Jess. ‘She knows what they’re do­ing isn’t com­pletely above board and she thinks about the po­ten­tial con­se­quences.

But Sam is very per­sua­sive.’

One night shift, Sam and Jess se­cretly lis­ten in as trader Blake (Ben Bai­ley Smith) discusses a deal to buy shares in a 3D-print­ing com­pany – all the friends need to do is find out the name of the firm and in­vest, too!

How­ever, soon Sam’s gam­bling ad­dic­tion rears its head and she needs to fund her habit.

Later, Jess vis­its Sam with the news that she’s found the per­fect van for her cater­ing busi­ness, which she plans to buy with her sav­ings and the money in their joint shares ac­count. That’s when Sam drops the bomb­shell that she’s spent all their cash!

A wily scheme

Feel­ing guilty, Sam stages an elab­o­rate ruse to find out the name of the 3D-print­ing com­pany, so she can buy shares and, hope­fully, earn Jess’ money back. But will Sam’s lat­est gam­ble pay off or will it end in dis­as­ter?

‘Sam and Jess are best friends, so it’s easy to see why Jess would go along with some­one she knows and trusts,’ says Jade. ‘Ev­ery re­la­tion­ship isn’t al­ways smooth sail­ing, even when you know some­one so well.’

School in shock… DI Kate Ash­ton and Mr Tay­lor deal with a cri­sisIn­ves­ti­ga­tion… Nikki

Dreams… Sam’s pal Jess Bad habit… Sam comes up with a plan to earnJess’ money back

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