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James Nes­bitt tells us what’s new as Cold Feet re­turns

Q What can you tell us about the new se­ries? A It’s good this year and we’re ex­cited. It took a wee bit of time for the re­boot to set­tle in and to find out ex­actly where those char­ac­ters were af­ter all those years. Now it feels like old Cold Feet to me – it’s found its ‘feet’ again. It has the right mix­ture and it’s just been such a treat. Q Will there be ro­mance for Adam af­ter his split from Tina (Leanne Best)? A There’s one shock­ing mo­ment that may be a spring­board to some­thing else… He’s al­ways try­ing for ro­mance. I don’t think he’s quite flog­ging a dead horse – there’s life in him yet! But Adam is on some sort of con­tin­ual, al­most im­pos­si­ble, quest. He now has the space to work out what path he’s go­ing to tread and to find out if there will ever be an­other Rachel [Adam’s late wife] or if he’s des­tined to be on his own. Q Is Adam con­tem­plat­ing chang­ing his ways? A This is the se­ries where Adam grows up, and it’s great see­ing how he de­vel­ops. There’s a big eye-opener for him, which is mo­ti­vated by his son, Matt. Adam’s al­ways made mis­takes but he’s al­ways had this like­abil­ity and he’d lost a bit of that, so it was im­por­tant to find it again. You see the vul­ner­a­bil­ity there. He doesn’t change overnight, but he looks in the mir­ror and goes, ‘Right, what hap­pens now?’ Q There are also dark times ahead for Adam’s friends this se­ries – can you tell us about what’s to come?

A Some big stuff hap­pens! Life un­rav­els and it im­pacts on them all – and Adam is hit badly by it.

It’s about life’s ups and downs and it’s truth­ful and painfully funny. Cold Feet is al­ways ad­dress­ing the ques­tions we all ask our­selves as we get older. Q What do you still love about the show? A I never have to go shop­ping be­cause our cos­tume de­signer gets in lovely, cool clothes and then I get to keep them at the end of the se­ries! But se­ri­ously, Cold Feet has been an im­por­tant part of our lives. That al­bum of mem­o­ries is pretty full and it’s nice to look back but also to cre­ate new snaps. This se­ries in­cludes old flashback footage of us that was pretty mov­ing to watch. If it hadn’t hap­pened, I wouldn’t be here now, so I'm very grate­ful. Q Would you come back for an­other Cold Feet? A Yes, maybe we could do an­other one next year and then come back to it in 10 years. You could see which of us has had the most work done!

Ups and downs… The friends are back Mov­ing on… Is ro­mance onthe hori­zon?

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