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A cen­tury on from the Rus­sian Revo­lu­tion, the Royal Acad­emy of Arts looks back at a 15-year pe­riod in Rus­sia when pos­si­bil­i­ties seemed lim­it­less and the peo­ple’s art flour­ished. Fea­tur­ing pow­er­ful pieces, from paint­ings to films, by the likes of Boris Mikailovich Kus­todiev (above) and Kaz­imir Male­vich, Revo­lu­tion:Rus­sianArt1917-1932 (from 11 Feb; p. 36) looks at the artis­tic land­scape fol­low­ing the fate­ful events of 1917, as So­cial­ist Re­al­ism emerged along­side ide­al­is­tic as­pi­ra­tions. En­ter a full-scale recre­ation of an apart­ment de­signed for com­mu­nal liv­ing and pon­der the legacy of pro­pa­ganda posters in this must-see show of ground­break­ing Rus­sian art.

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