Is There Any Dif­fer­ence Be­tween The 1939 Regis­ter Records On Find­my­past, MyHer­itage And An­ces­try?

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Find­my­ was the first web­site to re­lease the 1939 Regis­ter back in 2015. It was fol­lowed by a re­lease on myher­ in March this year, and in May an­ces­ fol­lowed suit.

The main dif­fer­ence, apart from the for­mat of the search forms, lies in how the 1939 Regis­ter has been in­dexed. An­ces­try cre­ated a new in­dex that, un­like in Find­my­past’s re­lease, in­cluded in­for­ma­tion from the form’s fifth col­umn. This showed, for ex­am­ple, which in­di­vid­u­als were ser­vants, pa­tients or in­mates in hos­pi­tals, asy­lums or pris­ons. On MyHer­itage, the ini­tial 1939 Regis­ter col­lec­tion has an in­dex, but no images; on the other sites, you can see the digi­tised images.

You can’t see orig­i­nal images of the 1939 Regis­ter on MyHer­itage, but can on An­ces­try and Find­my­past

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