Y-DNA and mtDNA

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Your cells have other DNA that can be tested

Two other types of DNA do not re­com­bine, so are passed down the gen­er­a­tions in a near-un­al­tered state. Y-chro­mo­some DNA (Y-DNA) is only car­ried by men, and is passed from a fa­ther to his sons. As such it tracks male de­scent only. How­ever, mi­to­chon­drial DNA (mtDNA) is found within ev­ery nu­cleic cell in our body, since it pro­vides the en­ergy to make it func­tion, and is passed from a mother to her chil­dren, both male and fe­male. Be­cause these types of DNA are never bro­ken, they can be used to track the mi­gra­tion and ori­gin of spe­cific lin­eages, al­though Y-DNA rep­re­sents only a very small por­tion of a man’s to­tal genome so can­not be used to in­fer large pop­u­la­tion move­ments. Ad­mix­ture us­ing au­to­so­mal DNA is much more rep­re­sen­ta­tive for this pur­pose.

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