Which of these four bap­tisms is my an­ces­tor’s?

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QMy an­ces­tor Wil­liam Mit­son mar­ried Amy Gold­ing on 26 July 1793 in Hun­don, Suf­folk. I have found the bap­tisms of their chil­dren as well as Wil­liam’s burial – how­ever, I have been un­able to con­firm the cor­rect bap­tism for him.

Wil­liam was buried on 6 April 1815 at All Saints Church, Hun­don. His age was listed as 41, mak­ing his birth year 1773/1774. I haven’t found a bap­tism in those years, but ages recorded at death can be in­cor­rect. I have found four pos­si­ble Suf­folk bap­tisms. Firstly, Wil­liam Mid­son, son of Wil­liam and El­iz­a­beth, bap­tised on 19 Jan­uary 1766 at Stoke-by-Clare; se­condly, Wil­liam Mit­son, son of Wil­liam and El­iz­a­beth, bap­tised on 16 March 1767 at Stradishall; thirdly, Wil­liam Mi­son, son of Sa­muel and El­iz­a­beth, bap­tised on 27 Novem­ber 1768 at Eriswell; and lastly, Wil­liam Mid­son, son of John Moss Mid­son and Mary, bap­tised on 10 March 1771 at To­s­tock. Can you help me de­ter­mine the cor­rect bap­tism?

Adam Gaven A These are un­usual names; ac­cord­ing to the Ox­ford Dic­tionary of Fam­ily Names in Bri­tain and Ire­land (ODFNBI), Mil­son and Mid­son are vari­ants of Met­son, which may in turn be a vari­ant of Mixon.

Your Wil­liam is less likely to be three or four in the above list, as Eriswell and To­s­tock are some dis­tance away from Hun­don. Stradishall and Stoke-by-Clare, on the other hand, share com­mon bound­aries with Hun­don, to the north and south re­spec­tively. Num­ber two also has the same spell­ing as your an­ces­tor’s name.

None of this is con­clu­sive, and Wil­liam’s bap­tism may not be any of the four. As more records go on­line, you may well find fur­ther op­tions ap­pear. There is an­other bap­tism in 1767 for a Wil­liam Mit­son from the Suf­folk par­ish of Mend­ham, son of John and El­iz­a­beth, in­dexed on freereg.org.uk.

It may be worth con­tact­ing Suf­folk Fam­ily His­tory So­ci­ety ( suf­folkfhs.co.uk). Some­one from the So­ci­ety has reg­is­tered an in­ter­est in the sur­name Mit­son. It may be worth get­ting in touch to try and build up a list of Suf­folk Mit­sons.

There is also a one-name study for the re­lated sur­name Met­son ( one-name.org) which in­cludes Mit­son.

Fi­nally, I sug­gest you look for other ev­i­dence, such as pro­bate records and me­mo­rial in­scrip­tions of fam­ily mem­bers. Alan Ste­wart

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