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The composer’s archive is at risk of being destroyed by the Ministry of Justice, his daughter has warned

A forgotten massacre of Royalist forces during the Civil War has been uncovered, thanks to archival research by a University of Nottingham historian.

Dr David Appleby has found evidence suggesting that approximat­ely 160 Royalist soldiers, and allegedly several women and children, were killed by Parliament­arian soldiers at Shelford Manor near Nottingham on 3 November 1645.

Dr Appleby uncovered the massacre while transcribi­ng records for the Civil War Petitions project ( www.civilwar petitions.ac.uk), which seeks to preserve the surviving petitions for assistance by veterans of the Civil War and their families. Many of the documents include references to Shelford.

In a paper published in the journal Historical Research to mark the 375th anniversar­y of the massacre, Dr Appleby argues that Shelford was forgotten even after the Restoratio­n because of lack of sympathy for the victims, who were largely French and Walloon Catholics from the Queen’s Regiment of Horse.

Dr Appleby said: “The subsequent burying of the Shelford story is perhaps a reflection of both sides’ shame and embarrassm­ent at the bloodshed and viciousnes­s of the supposedly ‘civil’ Civil War.”

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