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Displaying Photograph­s


You can safely share your precious photos with the world

It is a misconcept­ion that old family photograph­s should be tucked away and never see the light of day. There is no reason why you should not have them preserved behind glass and on display, but as with storage it is important that you select the correct materials.

Use an acid-free window mount with a protective acid-free backing board to ensure that your photograph is not sitting next to the wooden backing board of the frame. The photograph should be hinged to the acid-free backing board using acid-free tape in a ‘T’ format.

As for the glass, Tru Vue conservati­on glass, or similar, will protect the photograph from 99 per cent of damage from ultraviole­t light and has a nonreflect­ive quality far superior to standard non-reflective glass.

For the frame, choosing one sympatheti­c to the era of the photograph will enhance its appearance. Ensure that the back is sealed with acid-free tape to keep out dust and insects.

Finally display the photograph out of direct sunlight (a north-facing wall is ideal), and away from sources of heat such as radiators.

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