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Thank you, Sylvia

Sylvia left a gift in her Will to help conquer Stroke


The first we knew of Sylvia was when we received notificati­on of the gift she’d left us in her Will. Shortly after, a beautiful story of a much-loved woman began to unfurl. Friends remembered Sylvia’s kindheart and her wish to help others. She spent part of her adult-life caring for her mother, and developed a passion for medicine. Becoming a medical secretary was her next step and, in the course of her career, she discovered the devastatin­g impact a stroke could have on people and their families. She saw that research and treatment were vastly under-funded, and she decided to remember the Stroke Associatio­n in her Will.

Sylvia’s gift has helped fund our work to conquer stroke. She’s supported research to prevent and treat stroke, and she’s helped care for survivors. And that’s something you can do too – in the same way.

If you would like to learn more about rememberin­g the Stroke Associatio­n in your Will, please get in touch.

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