Who Do You Think You Are?



Whenever I read magazines such as yours with articles containing lists of names, or pictures, I always have a look to see if I can spot one of my family names.

I had a real eureka moment while watching The Great Plague: Decimation on Channel 5 last night, when I saw “Richard Lockwood” included in the list of the dead buried at St Olave’s, Aldgate, in 1665. Richard Lockwoods feature heavily in my ancestry, but I have only been able to get as far back as Henry Lockwood, born 1765.

Has anyone managed to get further back than Henry? I do not think we are Yorkshire Lockwoods, rather Suffolk- or London-based. Other of my ancestors have connection­s to St Olave’s. I hope that one of your other readers will contact you if they have managed it.

It was also interestin­g to see how many similariti­es there are between that dreadful time and the present pandemic. The series is very well worth a watch!

Averil Turner (née Lockwood), by email

Editor Replies: It sounds like a fascinatin­g programme Averil – and if anyone missed it, you can watch it on the Channel 5 catchup app until February 2024.

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