Who Do You Think You Are?



Thank you for Sarah Williams’ article in the December issue on giving your research the Who Do You Think You Are? treatment. While on a library-run family

history course, I was advised to do just this by focusing on one person at a time and making a timeline. It can be hard work, but is so rewarding.

My first was Harry Hill Bromhead, the husband of one of my great aunts Lucy Martin. She was born in Great Dalby, Leicesters­hire, in 1860 and died in 1884 (possibly during childbirth) just one year after marrying him. I already knew a bit more about Harry from newspaper archives, because he had been called to identify a friend who had committed suicide earlier that same year. Harry was an accountant, and after Lucy’s death became an acting manager. He ended up in Belfast working at the Alhambra Theatre, and appears to have been very well respected. He died aged just 28 in December 1889 with his second wife Maggie Dodds née Keith at his side.

He worked in many theatres from Leicester, Nottingham­shire and Aberdeen Theatre Royals to the ill-fated Bon-Accord, at which a riot broke out on his benefit night! It’s all documented in the book Hangman’s Brae (of which I now have a copy) – thrilling stuff. The only regret is that I have still not managed to find a photo of Harry or Lucy. So I say, pick someone and go for it!

Trude Martin, by email

Editor Replies: Absolutely, Trude – it’s a good idea to focus on one ancestor and drill down into their life. You never know where their story will overlap with other family members and provide you with fresh leads!

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