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Send us your favourite images for a chance to win £75 to spend on photo restoratio­n. Here Derek Mutch from Derbyshire shares his photograph­s, many taken at his mother’s family’s croft in Barthol Chapel, Aberdeensh­ire

My uncles Charlie, Tom and Billy Rennie, c1923

My mum Nellie’s family the Rennies occupied Flobbets Croft from before 1841 until 1944. The house was owned by various Earls of Aberdeen until my grandfathe­r William bought it in 1919.

William Rennie

My grandad was a crofter, and also worked as a ‘postie’ in later years.

Archie Mutch

My father was photograph­ed for this portrait in a studio in 1913.

Dressed for school

Here are my uncle Billy and my aunt Gladys in 1931, aged 13 and 8 respective­ly; both attended Barthol Chapel School.

Three sisters

My mum Nellie behind Auntie Gladys and Auntie Ella, 1922.

My grandparen­ts

William and Hellen Rennie with their children, pictured c1929.

Holding the baby

Grandma Hellen with Mabel, Nellie, Charlie, Tom, Billy and Gladys.

Feeding the hens at Flobbets

Grandma Hellen, Gladys and Mabel in 1932. William had died the previous year. Hellen raised the family, but died in 1933 aged 42.

Gladys and Mabel

My two aunties photograph­ed outside Flobbets with the family dog, c1929.

Archie Mutch and Nellie Rennie

of Flobbets during My parents married in 1936. They moved out at the croft. the war, ending a century of the Rennie family

Mabel takes charge, c1929

Here are (left to right) the Rennies' neighbours' children John Mennie and John Kindness, having fun with Mabel on Flobbets' 16 acres of land; my aunt was only four at the time. I wonder where the motorbike ended up — perhaps one of your readers owns it!

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