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Addressing Health

Discover the health problems of postal workers


Project Overview Addressing Health is a threeyear research project transcribi­ng the retirement records of Victorian and Edwardian Post Office workers now held at the Postal Museum in London, in order to understand more about the health of the workforce.

What Does It Involve? When Post Office workers retired, details of their employment and health histories were sent for approval to the Treasury. Transcribi­ng the data in the records

will help answer questions such as the age at which people retired and the impact of their work on their health.

How Do I Take Part? This project is also on Zooniverse: zooniverse.org/projects/dhlbrown/ addressing-health. The records are easy to read either typewritte­n or handwritte­n. You will have to translate a series of numbers representi­ng the number of days off and sick days each individual took each year, as well as any other informatio­n.

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