Who Do You Think You Are?

Every Name Counts

Commemorat­e victims of Nazi persecutio­n


Project Overview Every Name Counts has been launched by the Arolsen Archives in Germany, the world’s most comprehens­ive archive on victims of the Nazi regime. The aim is to ensure that the name of every individual in the documents is recorded and remembered.

What Does It Involve? You will view digitised concentrat­ion-camp records on the project website ( zooniverse.org/projects/ cseidenstu­ecker/every-name-counts) and transcribe details of each prisoner, such as their prisoner category and camp location, as well as personal informatio­n such as their last address.

How Do I Take Part? You can view the original records on the online transcript­ion platform Zooniverse. You will be asked to copy each piece of informatio­n from the record into the relevant box on the right. Don’t worry if you can’t speak German – there are detailed explanatio­ns.

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