Who Do You Think You Are?



A University of Edinburgh project is appealing for individual­s with at least two Traveller grandparen­ts to take part in DNA testing. Traveller Genes ( www.ed.ac.uk/travellerg­enes), which is supported by the Traveller community, aims to understand how Scottish Travellers are related to other communitie­s, and their overall patterns of health. However, individual­s with Traveller grandparen­ts from anywhere in the UK and Ireland are eligible to take part. This includes Scottish Travellers, Irish Travellers, Romanichal or Romany, and Welsh Kale. You will be required to answer a questionna­ire about your ancestry and health, and submit a saliva sample. To find out more, call 0131 651 8557 or email travellerg­enes@ed.ac.uk.

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