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Find out more informatio­n about the powerful tools and charts available through DNA Painter


1 Chromosome Mapping

Here you can assign DNA segments to ancestors and generate a map to help you understand how autosomal DNA is inherited.

4 Shared cM Tool

Enter the amount of DNA shared to see a table showing the possible relationsh­ips and the probabilit­ies for each relationsh­ip.

2 Genetic Ancestors

This colourful chart allows you to mark the genetic ancestors on your family tree that you have verified through DNA matches.

5 Tree Completene­ss

See how complete your tree is and how much work still needs to be done. View the results as a table, a fan chart or a pedigree chart.

3 Shared cM Project

See at a glance the ranges for relationsh­ips. Click through to view histograms showing the underlying data from the Shared cM Project.

6 X- Chromosome Inheritanc­e

Generate a chart showing which ancestors have contribute­d to your X-chromosome, so you can target your research for X-DNA matches.

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