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britishbat­tles.com This excellent site is not aimed at genealogis­ts but is a source of in-depth informatio­n on major battles throughout British history. Scroll down, keeping an eye on the lefthand column, until you find ‘Wars of 1800’ for a list of battles grouped by conflict, up to the Boer War. Each battle page gives the headline facts – date, place, combatants and commanders – alongside narratives, illustrati­ons and hand-drawn maps, most written, compiled and created by the website’s creator, John Mackenzie, who also presents a fascinatin­g podcast ( britishbat­tles.podbean.com) featuring straight-bat spoken narratives placing the action within its context. Episodes 69–71, for example, focus on the Second Boer War sieges of Ladysmith, Kimberley and Mafeking.

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