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Merseyside Through The Ages

Historical highlights from the region



The first commercial wet dock in the world, built by civil engineer Thomas Steers, opens in Liverpool. It closes in 1826.


William Laird opens a boiler works on Wallasey Pool. The firm’s shipyards later move to the Mersey shore, and in 1903 amalgamate with Cammell.


George Stephenson’s Rocket wins a competitio­n at Rainhill to test locomotive­s for the nearly completed Liverpool and Manchester Railway.


The White Star Line is founded in Liverpool by partners John Pilkington and Henry Wilson.


Morpeth and Egerton Dock in Birkenhead opens three years after the foundation stone is laid.


An amateur football match is played between the teams of Liverpool and Everton. The first recognised Merseyside Derby takes place the following year.


John Lennon is born at Liverpool Maternity Hospital. For most of his childhood he lives at 251 Menlove Avenue, Woolton, with his maternal aunt Mimi.


Merseyside is created following the 1972 Local Government Act.


Legendary Everton centre forward William Ralph ‘Dixie’ Dean dies after suffering a heart attack while watching the team play Liverpool at Goodison Park.

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