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Britain needs to sign the UN’s nuclear ban treaty

- JOHN WILDING East Berkshire Green Party (Slough Branch)

According to a recent poll 77 per cent of the UK public support a total ban on all nuclear weapons and there is a strong majority across the whole political spectrum.

Almost 60 per cent of those polled wanted the British Government to sign up to the UN’s new treaty banning such weapons.

You might have thought that, when looking for ways of saving money in the crisis following the pandemic, saving the huge costs of such weapons would be an obvious option, but the Government refuses to support this crucial agreement, which has already been signed by 86 countries worldwide.

Such weaponry is supposed to make us safer, but is not much use against viruses and the money could have been better spent on decent PPE and support for the NHS.

Nor does it seem to have been much of a deterrent for Russian land grabbing, IT manipulati­on or poisoning of former citizens.

Nobody in their right mind believes that atomic weapons could or would ever be used.

There are more relevant and better ways of keeping us safer.

We are calling on our MP and local councils to support the campaign for Britain to sign the UN’s nuclear ban treaty and to campaign to this end.

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