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‘So why doesn’t she just leave?’

Wexham: Abuse survivor launches book on the subject

- By Jade Kidd jadek@baylismedi­ @JadeK_BM

A Wexham domestic abuse survivor has launched a stepby-step guide to helping others leave abusive relationsh­ips.

Caron Kipping wrote ‘Recognitio­n to Recovery’ in a bid to help people recognise all the tactics of abusive behaviour, outline the options should people choose to their relationsh­ip, and offer practical strategies to aid them in recovering more quickly.

The book, which was released on Monday, March 29, also helps friends, family, and profession­als understand the challengin­g and complex nature of abusive relationsh­ips and will hopefully challenge the concept of ‘so why doesn’t she just leave?’, Caron explained.

Not only does the book feature bite-size strategies, it also

includes real-life quotes and informatio­n and guidance for people who believe they are in or have been in a controllin­g or abusive relationsh­ip.

Following her own experience of coercive control, Caron wanted to use her experience to help others and trained as one of the first Independen­t Domestic Violence Adovcates (IDVAs) in the UK.

Caron, who is a private divorce coach specialisi­ng in abusive relationsh­ips, has also worked at The Dash Charity, which supports those experienci­ng domestic abuse, for the last 14 years, and is currently a grants writer and trainer.

She said: “My own experience of coercive control – like many people I put on a brave face to the world. I hid what was happening at home, made excuses, protected my ex and lost myself in the process.

“I lost my confidence, I didn’t know who I was any more and became isolated from all my family and friends. I ended up in debt, lost my home and my daughter through no fault of my own.”

She added: “This book is important because most people experienci­ng domestic abuse don’t even realise they are.

“When I left I had no help, I made some mistakes and it took me a long time to recover. I didn’t want anyone else to go

through a similar experience without having an opportunit­y to understand it and I wanted to give them the confidence to think about leaving.

“I am super excited about this book because there is nothing else like it. It is written by someone who

knows what it feels like to be trapped in an abusive marriage, but I want people to realise that you can get out of it and you can go on to live a perfectly happy life afterwards.”

The book can be ordered from Amazon.

 ??  ?? Caron Kipping has written a book on leaving an abusive relationsh­ip.
Caron Kipping has written a book on leaving an abusive relationsh­ip.

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