High cost of speed­ing jus­ti­fied for risk to life

The fine should be higher Too much speed­ing Slid­ing scale idea Ridicu­lous charge Read­ers think £100 fines are ac­cept­able

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A pro­posal to change the pun­ish­ment for driv­ers who break the law by speed­ing has been chal­lenged by Wishaw Press read­ers.

Po­lice Scot­land are con­sid­er­ing giv­ing speed­ing mo­torists a writ­ten warn­ing in­stead of a ticket if caught over the limit in 20 and 30mph zones.

That warn­ing would ex­pire af­ter three months if no fur­ther speed­ing of­fences were com­mit­ted.

The cur­rent pun­ish­ment for any­one caught speed­ing is a min­i­mum £100 and three points.

Danny King, a se­cu­rity worker from Wishaw, be­lieves driv­ers al­ready get away with speed­ing too lightly.

He said: “I think the fine should be more. That’s the only way to stop peo­ple speed­ing.

“There should be more cam­eras up and they should make the pun­ish­ment stronger. There’s a dan­ger to life when peo­ple speed.”

Robert McLin­tock, from Wishaw, be­lieves driv­ers should pay on a slid­ing scale for how far over the limit they were.

He said: “It (a £100 fine) is not enough if they are speed­ing dras­ti­cally. You see some peo­ple go­ing like a bat out of hell. There should be a dif­fer­ent cost for how fast you’re go­ing, as speed­ing over 70 is dif­fer­ent to over 30.”

Hugh McLaugh­lin, from Cam­bus­nethen, said: “I think it’s ridicu­lous to charge that much. We used to live in South Africa and there was a scale where you paid more de­pend­ing on how far over you were.”

Pat McLaugh­lin added: “There’s a lot of peo­ple speed­ing nowa­days. Peo­ple should know the lim­its.”

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