Ashes heartache as pen­dant is lost


A grand­mother has been left heart­bro­ken af­ter los­ing her hus­band’s wed­ding ring and a pen­dant cross con­tain­ing his ashes.

Pen­sioner Joan Irvine re­turned home from shop­ping at Mor­risons in Bell­shill ear­lier this month and dis­cov­ered the jew­ellery had come off her neck­lace chain.

The 74-year-old Holy­town woman and her fam­ily are now des­per­ately search­ing for the jew­ellery fol­low­ing Billy’s death nearly four years ago.

Dis­traught grand­daugh­ter Leeanne Irvine ex­plained: “My gran goes up to get her mes­sages ev­ery Mon­day and when she got back she no­ticed the chain was miss­ing the jew­ellery.

“We’ve pulled the house apart look­ing for them but they’re nowhere so they must have come off out­side, ei­ther in Mor­risons or on the road some­where.

“She never takes them off, only when she’s wash­ing, and we are all ab­so­lutely dev­as­tated. The wed­ding ring and the ashes are ir­re­place­able.

“There’s no mone­tary value but to us, and her espe­cially, they mean ev­ery­thing.”

Leeanne put a heart­felt appeal on so­cial me­dia which re­ceived more than 1,300 re­sponses.

And the part-time cashier is re­fus­ing to give up hope of find­ing the jew­ellery.

She added: “I can’t be­lieve the re­sponse we’ve had so far.

“We will never give up hope and we’re just pray­ing that some­one has found them and can re­turn them to us.”

If any­one has any de­tails they are asked to get in touch with Mor­risons in Bell­shill or the po­lice.

We are dev­as­tated. The wed­ding ring and ashes are ir­re­place­able

Appeal Joan Irvine and Leeanne. Joan is wear­ing the miss­ing pen­dant in the pic­ture she’s hold­ing

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