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Parking fine for man who paid to park


A WOKINGHAM man was given a parking ticket while visiting the doctor – despite putting the correct money in the machine.

On Monday, Adrian Mather used the new Rose Street pay and display car park so he could attend an appointmen­t at the Wokingham Medical Centre which is next door. He said that he paid £1.20 to park for two hours, but received a ticket regardless.

To meet his 8am appointmen­t, Mr Mather arrived at 7.50am, and found that while he could put £1.20 into the pay and display machine, he could not purchase a daytime ticket as it was not yet 8am and the car park’s metres were set to the nighttime rate of £1.

However, he returned from his appointmen­t at 8.20am - just 30 minutes after arriving in the car park - to discover that he was given a parking ticket at 8.10am.

“I could not leave the doctor’s in the doctors in mid-appointmen­t to re-ticket my car and then go back,” he said.

“I believe that it is reasonable to have a doctors appointmen­t at 08:00. I believe I did the right thing in purchasing a 2 hour parking ticket, I would say in expectatio­n and good faith that I would be allowed to park without being fined.”

And he argues that it is Wokingham Borough Council’s (WBC) parking system that is at fault.

He said: “I did not understand that a two-hour parking ticket issued at 7.50am in the morning effectivel­y meant a 10-minute parking ticket due to the inadequacy of WBC’s IT systems.

“I think it is totally unreasonab­le for WBC to levy this Penalty Charge Notice. I believe their IT systems are not setup to let me purchase the appropriat­e parking ticket.

“I do not believe I did anything other than act in a totally lawabiding manner.

“Therefore I expect the council to cancel this Penalty Charge Notice.”

Mr Mather said he had also written to John Redwood to express his frustratio­n.

Cllr Keith Baker, executive member for highways and transport, pledged to investigat­e Mr Mather’s claims.

He said: “We cannot, of course, discuss individual case, but this is an interestin­g issue and we are looking into it.

“In the meantime, the gentleman can lodge an appeal against the ticket citing the circumstan­ces he has already set out.

“As parking charges cover 24 hours, our officers patrol at all times and issue tickets where appropriat­e.”

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