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Wanted criminal asks police for directions


A WANTED criminal on the run from police was arrested after stopping to ask directions from an off-duty officer.

Thames Valley Police said that the incident took place in Lower Earley, Wokingham on Thursday, March 8.

Officers were conducting a plain clothes patrol of the area around the ASDA superstore in Chalfont Way, in response to fears over shopliftin­g.

They arrested a man after catching him in the store. As they took him to their police van, they spotted another man who is currently wanted by the courts for a breach of court order, however, he ran off before police could arrest him.

A spokespers­on for Thames Valley Police told The Wokingham Paper: “Although we pursued him for several minutes, officers lost sight of him and an area search commenced.

“While one officer, who was in plain clothes, was patrolling on foot looking for him, he appeared from a footpath near her asking for directions as he was lost.

“The officer kindly obliged him with explaining where he was and then placed him in handcuffs and even helpfully arranging for him to get a lift ... into custody.”

Officers then made a lightheart­ed tweet about the incident, which went viral and some wags suggesting it should be sent to Viz’s Top Tips.

They said: “A note to criminals: when you’ve been running from police for the last half hour, make sure the person you stop to ask directions... isn’t a plain clothes police officer! #owngoal.”

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