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Meet Matt, he’s Merry!

- By Dom Hurrell & Ian Biles from Beyond The Download

THIS week we are pleased to showcase another fine local artist whose talent is rightly gaining him deserved recognitio­n not just locally but across the continent.

In what is set to be a busy and successful year for him we took the time to speak to Matt Merry and discover all about his acoustic project called Horizon and what 2018 has in-store for him.

Growing up in Bracknell Matt started to play music and write songs from the early age of 13 however it wasn’t until he was 18 that he started to focus more on the acoustic song writing and give his hopes of a music career a serious push.

This focus matched with the talent that Matt already encompasse­d saw him achieve a great list of accomplish­ments, in his first few years he released two popular EPs and reached the regional finals of the Open MicUK competitio­n.

With Matt spending 2017 on tour gaining more fans and rave reviews through his live shows his list of accomplish­ments are set to grow and continue through 2018.

At the forefront of Matt’s plans for 2018 are his first-ever European shows.

Next month, Matt will be taking his acoustic project Horizon over to Amsterdam to play two shows and showcase his music to a different audience.

Talking to us about his

Horizon acoustic project he describes his music as a fusion of his old love for pop punk mixed with his acoustic song-writing ability to create unique songs about his life around him.

At the start of the summer Matt has plans to record the third EP and collaborat­e with other singer-songwriter­s.

The year will also see Matt appear at this year’s Wokingham Festival and play a number of local shows and so if you get the opportunit­y look out for a chance to catch him live and remember the name.

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