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Prostate Cancer campaign to cycle to the moon


A TV star is one of the backers of a new campaign aimed at cycling to the moon to save a dad.

Organised by Tackle

Prostate Cancer, the voice of prostate cancer patients and their families in the UK, the cycling event is aimed at being a major fundraisin­g initiative that will encourage people of all ages to get on their bikes and raise awareness and money for the fight against prostate cancer.

Cycle to the Moon asked people to show their support for the charity’s work by cycling miles either on the roads, in the gym, at home or on outdoor trails throughout the month of May 2018.

The event is open to all ages regardless of ability. It is designed to be a fun, healthy activity raising funds on behalf of Tackle Prostate Cancer as well as encouragin­g the next generation to participat­e. It also aims to raise awareness and encourage men at risk of prostate cancer to get tests and earlier diagnosis. The campaign’s target is £250,000 – £1 for every mile between Earth and the Moon.

Roger Wotton, chairman of Tackle Prostate Cancer, said: “We know how devastatin­g the diagnosis of prostate cancer can be. Raising awareness and funds through this campaign will hopefully see more men being tested earlier, and help accelerate a reduction in mortality figures. Prostate cancer doesn’t just affect the man diagnosed – it affects his whole family.”

And Cycle to the Moon ambassador, vocal coach and TV presenter David Grant, said: “Prostate cancer does not care who it affects or the devastatio­n it causes to patients and their families.

“It’s a cause close to my heart as my cousin was diagnosed, so I want to urge you to make a difference and get on your bikes and clock up some miles.

“One man dying every 45 minutes is a startling figure and we all need to do what we can to reduce mortality figures.

“The event is open to all ages regardless of abilities, it is designed as a fun and healthy activity while at the same time raising funds for Tackle Prostate Cancer.”

Prostate cancer is now a bigger killer than breast cancer.

The charity says that every penny raised will make a difference, lives will be saved and more people will be aware of the need to be tested.

 ??  ?? Tackle Prostate Cancer is looking for cyclists to make the most of May to raise funds for its work
Tackle Prostate Cancer is looking for cyclists to make the most of May to raise funds for its work

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