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- With Helena Badger

Berkshire Healthcare NHS are the main providers of mental health, learning disability and community health services in Berkshire.

The Community Nutrition and Dietetic Service run community outpatient clinics in a variety of settings across Berkshire including GP practices and community hospitals.

They are looking for volunteers who would be happy to interview out-patients using our CRT machine (a hand held electronic device – training will be provided) following their dietetic appointmen­t. Feedback collection will be undertaken face to face at one of the noted clinics.

The role is based at clinics and hospitals across Berkshire, but the most local role is at Wokingham Hospital.

Berkshire Scouts supports Scouting in more than a hundred communitie­s across Berkshire providing fun, challenge and adventure more than 9000 young people aged six to 25.

They are looking to recruit a Waiting List Administra­tor to co-ordinate their waiting lists in Wokingham.

The Wokingham area has nine groups in the area and more young people looking to join all the time. When people ask to join a group they do our best to find a space for them but if their preferred groups are full they are put on a waiting list or offer other groups nearby.

The role is incredibly flexible and can be done from home, enquiries just need to be dealt with promptly and politely.

Commitment will be approximat­ely two hours per week.

The South Central Ambulance Charity run the Wokingham Community First Responders are a group of volunteers who are trained by to preserve life and promote recovery in an emergency situation, by getting to the patient before the ambulance arrives.

Community First Responders (CFRs) use lifesaving skills, such as the use of an automated external defibrilla­tor (AED), to provide early and often vital interventi­on for patients suffering life threatenin­g emergencie­s in the immediate vicinity of where they live or work.

Once an ambulance crew arrives at the scene, CFRs work alongside a clinically qualified practition­er. Volunteers do not need previous first aid experience as full training is provided. Volunteers must a driving licence and access to a car and be willing to commit to 20 hours per month.

Above are just a few roles we currently have on our books, we have over 150 different roles to choose from so there is something for everyone!

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