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It’s a bug’s life for Max as he gets into business


MAX Williams is a young man who has already caught the bug for business.

The 14-year-old is part of a group of 11 school friends who have started up a company named WoodWorx as part of a Young Enterprise group based at his school.

One of their first products is a “bug home” which will go on sale in Hare Hatch Sheeplands farm shop in Twyford from next weekend.

Max, who lives in Littlewick Green, told The Wokingham Paper: “We are a group of 14- and 15-year old boys who have set ourselves the task of using recycled materials to produce environmen­tally friendly products. As well as the bug homes we produce coat hangers from recycled hockey sticks and also make wooden coasters.”

The group are all studying at Abingdon School and get together for an hour after lessons every Thursday to work on their project.

“We all volunteere­d to take part in the Young Enterprise scheme because it was something we knew would interest us,” explained Max. “We each put £20 of our own money in and that gives us a share in the company. I suppose I would describe my particular role as product management. We have already put some of the homes on sale at local fairs and they have proved very popular.”

The bug homes were Max’s own idea and came about because of mum Karen’s keen interest in gardening. They are small wooden boxes 15cm long by 12.5cm high and 12.5cm wide. The wood is held together by nails which is better for the environmen­t than glue. Felt is used for the roof and there are different sorts of bug friendly fillings such as bamboo leaves and straw.

Bees, beetles and ladybirds are among the insects expected to make extensive use of them. Purchasers will also receive a leaflet explaining the different sort of materials which can be used inside the homes and which bugs they are likely to attract.

Andrea Burlingham from Sheeplands said: “Max first approached us asking if we would be interested in stocking the bug homes and we immediatel­y fell in love with the idea. They only cost £6 each or £15 for three.

“They will go on sale from Good Friday onward and we expect them to be very popular as Spring approaches and people are at last able to get out into their gardens again.”

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