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Fight for the crossings


I was horrified to learn that councillor­s were even thinking about closing nine school crossings.

This just proves the attitude of councillor­s that they are certainly not for the people but just stand for selfglorif­ication.

If any of them had families with children who had autism, have a child who can suddenly run out of school playground and into the main road, just like what happened to my grandchild last week. Then they might think differentl­y.

They have this mania of doing everything that comes from Whitehall and everything must be changed into automation.

They were elected to support their residents. This clearly is not happening and Wokingham Borough Council has become a dictatorsh­ip.

What is even worse is that they are destroying what was once a community and now democracy for the residents doesn’t exist.

There are dozens of residences in Wokingham who would sponsor and pay for these crossing patrols and they are as essential as sending a child to school.

Would the council approve it?

They want to persist in these traffic lights which would not have stopped my grandchild from running into the street.

It is now up to mothers and residents to fight these proposals before these councillor­s destroy you even further.

Wokingham is certainly not for the people. C M Lander, Woodley

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