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A day of fun learning about Anglo-Saxons

- By IMMY From Evendons School

ON February 23, Evendons Primary School had an AngloSaxon day in their music room.

They did this because it was their topic at the time.

The lucky people of Evendons who did this were the Year 5 students and teachers of the school. On Anglo-Saxon Day two people who were dressed up as Anglo-Saxons came to talk to Year 5.

First, the people who were dressed up told Year 5 all about happened in the invasion period. So for some fun, Rimington and Archimedes, the two classes, played a game. It was called ‘Get your ship there first’. They had to get to the other side of the playground also known as the land.

They were pretending to be on a ship and were getting to land first. They were in groups of nine and had an object to pass to the person behind them over their head.

When it got to the last person they went the front and so on. But along the way there were consequenc­es for not obeying the gods, so they could have stopped for a little while. In the end there was one team who got there first. Afterwards, Year 5 got a snack and a play.

After snack, they went back to the music room to play another game called ‘Yes or No Anglo-Saxon food edition’. So there were three teachers, one who was ‘No’ one who was ‘Yes’ and one who was ‘Ugh I lost’.

The children would be asked a question for example ‘Did the Anglo-Saxons eat honey?’ And they would have to go to the no teacher or the yes teacher. If the answer was yes, everyone next to the no teacher would have to go to the ugh I lost teacher. They would play many rounds until there was one winner, who got an AngloSaxon coin. Afterwards, they had lunch.

Next they got to do some What am I? riddles. There were nine teams and nine objects. When told one teammate had to go and stand next to the object they thought was the answer to their riddle.

Then they got to touch and feel the weapons. They satin three rows and the weapons were passed round. There were weapons such as swords, shields, helmets and axes. These were very valuable and dangerous. But the children were very sensible. Then at the end they asked some questions.

In summary, all the children had a very incredible day.

One child, Immy from Rimington, said: “That was so much fun,” at the end of the day. Another child, called Naitian from Rimington said: “I wonder what it will be like in the morning”.

So all the children of Year 5 enjoyed their day very much.

 ??  ?? Evendons pupils enjoyed a day of learning about life in AngloSaxon time
Evendons pupils enjoyed a day of learning about life in AngloSaxon time

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