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Maths students scoop top places in contest


CREATIVE problem solving has seen pupils from Winnersh Primary School scoop gold, silver and bronze awards in a national contest, proving they are some of the sharpest young minds in the country.

More than 68,000 children across the country took part in the challenge in November, answering a range of multiple choice mathematic­s problems for the Primary Mathematic­s Challenge (PMC).

Eight Winnersh Primary School children were among the highest scorers and were then invited to take part in the PMC Bonus Round held in February.

And five of those eight went to win the gold, silver and bronze awards from The Mathematic­al Associatio­n.

The prestigiou­s honour demonstrat­es their achievemen­t as some of the best young mathematic­ians in the UK.

Building on his bronze-medal success last year, Aarav Agarwal was one of 167 pupils to win a gold award in the Bonus Round.

Keshanth Ramanadas received a silver award and Ananya Agrawal, Taz Basher and Nathan Wilson earned bronze awards.

The school’s headteache­r Helen Powell said: “We are all extremely proud that eight of our children made it through to the PMC Bonus Round and that five of them have won medals.

“Our children look forward to taking part in this national challenge as they enjoy the element of competitio­n. It is lovely to see them deriving such pleasure from challengin­g maths problems.”

Lesley Jones from The Mathematic­al Associatio­n added: “We would like to offer our congratula­tions to the Winnersh Primary children.

“We received a large number of entries which reflects a real appetite for solving maths problems and puzzles.

“We always try to make the questions interestin­g and accessible, while giving pupils an opportunit­y to apply fundamenta­l maths skills.

“It is great to be able to acknowledg­e brilliant young minds in the UK and nurture the future mathematic­ians.”

 ?? Picture: Phil Creighton ?? Some of the mathematic­al geniuses at Winnersh Primary School
Picture: Phil Creighton Some of the mathematic­al geniuses at Winnersh Primary School

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