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Church leaders unite to dream dreams


CHURCH leaders from across Wokingham came together on Saturday for a day to plan for the future.

Eleven churches plus a range of groups were represente­d at the event, held at St Crispin’s School where they used the morning to look back and then an afternoon session to look forward.

The Revd Nick Hudson, who chairs Churches Together in Wokingham as well as being senior pastor of Wokingham Baptist Church said that the day had been a chance to inspire and celebrate the churches works.

“The day drew together church leaders and other lay people from other Christian organisati­ons in the town who are engaged in the community in some way,” he explained. “We asked people in advance to prepare thoughts on what they already do together and think about the needs of the community.

“That feedback became a series of drawings that we’ve used to reflect and discuss.

“The afternoon session was about the next steps we can take together.”

Mr Hudson said that the event had been interestin­g for the churches, helping to recognise the different strengths of each one and forming ways in which they can draw on those strengths to work more effectivel­y together for the benefit of the borough.

“Today has been a step back to get a broader view and to be a little bit strategic to better serve Wokingham,” he said.

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