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Anti-social meetings


I hesitate to put my views for a third week running, to our redoubtabl­e local paper, but I feel the original subject of anti-social behaviour has been hijacked by the political parties. Initially it was a genuine desire by the residents of Wokingham to get something done re the gangs, or groups of youngsters, or whatever, who were running amok and generally causing a nuisance.

It was genuinely thought the meetings were organised by the Thames Valley Neighbourh­ood Police, although attended by councillor­s Philip Mirfin and UllaKarin Clark, who incidental­ly, are Conservati­ves.

After last week’s meeting, it was announced on Facebook that another meeting would be held at 8pm at The Hope and Anchor.

I was surprised to receive the next day, leaflets from the Lib Dems and St Paul’s Residents Associatio­n, informing me of the meeting at this very same place re this very same subject, where this time, local councillor Imogen Shepherd-Dubey (Lib Dem) would attend.

Anti-social behaviour is a problem for Wokingham, generally and should not be hijacked by any political party, whatever the colour, who wants to jump on the electionee­ring bandwagon. It is a problem that needs to be solved, not to be used as a weapon for the forthcomin­g May Local Elections . Francine Twitchett, Wokingham

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