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Black and white thinking


I refer to J W Blaney’s “black and white” article on the new Market Place paving in last week’s Wokingham Paper. Does he live in a black and white world, with a black and white cat , wear a white suit, with black shoes and black hat?

He seems to only have a black and white attitude to life, just like his cartoons each week. I went down to Market Place at the weekend to have a look at this “rare” Colgate white York stone and guess what, there isn’t any!

Maybe when Mr Blaney looked at the paving it was covered in snow or he was suffering from snow blindness. The York stone is definitely GREY!

If Mr Blaney can’t tell the difference between “Avant Garde, Traditiona­l” and describes our historic market town as a “pseudo market town”, maybe I could enlighten his colour spectrum on life. A “market town” is a town of moderate size where a regular market is held. Exactly what we have in the town each Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

Maybe he should visit it sometime to add some colour in his life, from the colourful array of stalls!

So What is York stone? York stone is a natural sandstone of very high quality, strength and durability which comes from quarries in West Yorkshire. It is perhaps best known for its use as a paving stone and has been used to pave most of the major towns and cities in the UK. The traditiona­l London paving stone is York stone in “GREY”.

Maybe Mr Blaney would describe the streets of London as being paved in “GOLD”, because that’s what someone told him! ‘Network’, via email

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