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Come back Margaret!


We are perhaps aware that apart from the wealthy – inherited and that frequently dishonestl­y attained – there is increasing­ly a two-class system in this country.

Crudely put it’s those paid for by taxpayers, and those who have to earn a crust in the tough private/ commercial world.

I mention that in the context of our brilliant and highly successful industries that have been given two fingers, staggering disloyalty and incompeten­ce by Amber

Rudd – never was a woman so miscast.

Either these women learn that their top priority is our country – no-one else – our workers, industries, Nurses and Doctors, elderly, children and so on, or they should never be given a position in government. Is it really true that she took advice from civil servants?

From historical­ly a genuine apolitical body of loyal people, they now poke their molly-coddled simplistic prejudiced minds into national affairs. Just look at the Cabinet Office – I’d fire the lot.

Please come back Margaret! There’s so much for you to do.

A brief change of direction, to address the Russian problem – a threat or not? I do not think they are a serious threat.

Starting with reality,

Russia could be one of the world’s greatest nations, but for two things – (i) the Ruling Class will not let go, and (ii) they still fear countries outside their extended borders. Hitler didn’t help!

I have been studying Shostakovi­ch – his music and his life – and can see today that the roots of the Communist tree have not lost their attitude to its people or neighbours over nearly 90 years. Stalin set up his self-centred criminal ‘cabinet’ that killed 30 million of his people, ignoring who they were. Didn’t like someone? To a Gulag or shot, etc. It nearly happened to Shostakovi­ch, one of the greatest Composers of the 20th century.

That attitude may help us to understand the nerve gas attack in our country, on someone they feel has ‘done the dirty’ on their leader/s.

Is it possible to change

Russia? I would not like to try, because behind everything is totalitari­anism. Ironically, a Stalin

type of individual who got rid of anyone likely to have ideas that may conflict with his (i.e. everyone), could clear out totalitari­anism and throw the country to democratic process. ‘Dream on’ as they say.

The National Press suggest Putin is weak – do not believe it, but I do believe we need to talk with him and his KGB mates and point that there is a better way.

Let him meet Amber Rudd and see how we are so kind to our neighbours – there has to be a worthwhile dividend in being so generous.

It may help our Labour Party into power – but just a minute, are they not Communist? Touché. Reg Clifton, Wokingham

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